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April 26th, 2019

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SKILCRAFT Preprinted Jiffy Padded Mailers NSN2900343 $38.89 Cushioned mailers are made of macerated paper padding to deliver maximum shipping protection. Macerated paper design includes two layers of Kraft paper with a uniformed inner cushioning medium of macerated paper inserted between the layers. The outer layer of Kraft is water resistant. A self sealing flap extends the entire width of the sack and requires no moistening to seal. The mailer has an easy open tear strip incorporated into the back of the sack. Each mailer is marked with TO and FROM address notations. Double folded corners and double glued bottom flap afford additional edge protection and overall bag strength. Smooth inner liner and pre scored flap allows easy product insertion and more efficient closure. Mailers are made using 100 percent post consumer recycled waste material with 90 percent recycled paper and a minimum of 50 percent post consumer recycled fibers.

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