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Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tape 3073 MMM307348X100CL $161.69 Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tape 3073 quickly and securely sticks to a wide variety of substrates, including recycled corrugate and fiberboard. The synthetic rubber, hot melt adhesive penetrates the shorter fibers of highly recycled content to create a strong bond that holds box flaps tight. Biaxially orientated polypropylene backing resists abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and scuffing, keeping boxes secure from production line through delivery. Scotch tape quality ensures consistent unwind with minimal waste from the 3 core. High performance tape can be easily applied by hand, manual dispenser or 3M Matic Case Sealer not included. Tensile strength is 30 lb. per inch. More from the Manufacturer

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